Extra Cash For College Students – Help With Tuition

Tuitions rates for colleges and university’s is absolutely ridiculous, and just getting worse every single year. How can you cope with the ever increasing tuition rates? Well you can go to a cheaper college, or you can make more money. I’ll show you how to do the second.

How much money are you making at your part time job? Including tips you’re probably not making more than 11$/hour. Want to make 15+? No, this isn’t a scammy subscription service or guide or eBook etc. that wants your money. In fact, GPT site membership is free, and you make money without spending a dime.

What’s a GPT site?

GPT sites pay there members to fill out surveys and participate in free trials. Basically, advertisers pay for leads, and you are those leads. You don’t have to be genuinely interested in the products they are selling or pay a dime or give out your financial information.

Where do I sign up?

At the link at the bottom of this article.

Is this illegal? How long have these services been around?

Some of the first GPT sites are still around, and have been around since early 2005. This is very legit, and isn’t “scammy” in any shape or form. I have been paid by half a dozen different GPT sites.

Are any of the GPT sites scams?

Very few are, but yes, some GPT sites are shady. Try to stick with GPT sites that have been around for at least a year, the shady ones don’t usually last longer than a month. After the month, everyone realizes that the site doesn’t pay out, and it goes down.

Interested in getting started? This is one of the most popular ways for college students to pay for there tuition. No work schedule or anything of the sort!